Coreworx Contracting provides clients with innovative, flexible and reliable solutions that deliver a quantifiable return on investment and direct cost savings. Coreworx Contracting work collaboratively to address your business needs and provide affordable solutions for every sized business and budget.

Committed to managing projects from start to finish, Coreworx Contracting consults with clients through every stage of the project, fostering positive relationships while getting on with the job at hand. Coreworx Contracting prioritise affordable, high quality and environmentally sustainable solutions in the Contracting industry.

Coreworx Contracting follows all documented processes in accordance with the stated requirements stipulated in AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008, to provide measurable, quality services for clients. Processes are regularly reviewed and amended in conjunction with client feedback with the aim of continually developing client services.

Senior management at Coreworx Contracting are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of our environment. Continually seeking to identify potential issues and comply with requirements, legal and otherwise, related to environmental responsibilities. With an environmental management system in place and all aspects are documented and reviewed on a regular basis in accordance with AS14001: 2004.

Torren is an E&I Inspector, EEHA Consultant and Projects Supervisor who has been a part of the Construction and Maintenance industry for over 15 years. His experiences have primarily focused on the construction and commissioning of various industrial projects and Maintenance within the oil & gas and Mining sector. As a husband and father of three, Torren is committed to assisting workplaces become safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable. Torren prioritises high quality and practical solutions that drive value for clients over quick-wins and band-aid solutions. He is known in the community for his integrity and work ethic, in addition to his highly approachable nature.


Established in 2015, Coreworx Contracting was formed to offer reliable, efficient and innovative business acumen to the Electrical & Instrumentation industry within Oil & Gas. Coreworx Contracting was formed with the premise of employing the ‘young energetic, passionate and skilled personnel to provide specialised Hazardous Area Services and Electrical & Instrumentation Services.

The company has been established involving the people that do the actual work on the ground i.e. operatives. The concept of involving workers in the capital share structure was to ensure real employment of all the participants. The participation of the workers in the running and management of the company has proven to encourage them “workers” to work efficiently to ensure both client and worker satisfaction.